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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
β€” Aristotle

This website exists to chronicle the archetypal hero’s journey. It follows the story of a proud and eager fellow whose headstrong personality finally leads him to the culmination of his self-actualization.

Now, before you start calling that devilishly handsome editor of this publication a pompous ass for giving himself such a gaudy introduction, let’s entertain for a moment that perhaps this isn’t quite my story. So, whose is it?

Why, yours of course.

Indeed, the most interesting stories are the ones that you’re inβ€”especially when you’re the protagonist. Hell, if you’re anything like me, then these are the only stories you’re interested in 😳.

In short, this website covers your adventures in mastering personal productivity, process optimization, and business automation as a highly motivated manager and/or executive. You’ll bring me along for the ride as your trusty (and sometimes annoying) comrade who’s decided to archive your experiences for the benefit of the world.

As I accompany you on your journey, you’ll find that over time we’ll grow into excellent producers. We’ll slowly shift our mindset to creators, and we’ll find ourselves more interested in bringing value into the world rather than taking from it.

Personal Productivity

Now, we’re not going to be able to impact millions of people without continuously working on ourselves. It is absolutely necessary to take care of each other if we’re going to do this together. You won’t be able to keep up with me if I’m leagues ahead of you physically, mentally, and spiritually. The reverse is also true, but I promise to give this journey my all so I don’t fall behind you.

We’ll cover mindset, rituals, habits, and more. You’ll need to commit to personal mastery. We’ll explore teachings, methods, and skills that are designed to sculpt you into a true leader. We won’t fall into the Paradox of Practice, so we’ll do as we say, lest we fall into the pits of hypocrisy. In order to find the best ways to improve ourselves, we’ll need to optimize our practices.

Process Optimization

As we create nice little habits for ourselves, we should be mindful to continuously improve them. This often manifests itself when you think, “man, there has got to be a better way to do this stuff!” Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking like this?

Of course you do!

When you identify processes that can be optimized, you’re putting in more upfront work in order to save time later. You can then use the time gained to perform at a higher level. The continuous striving for efficiency is a thirst that’s never quenched. You must always be asking yourself how to improve your systems pragmatically. Sometimes, you will even be able to automate these processes!

Business Automation

This is the fun stuff 😍.

As a leader, you understand that human resource systems cost money. Lots of money.

Let’s assume that the average employee in your company is paid a salary of $48,000 per year. That’s $4,000 per month, or $25 per hour.

To justify hiring someone and pay them this much, you want to ensure that you’re delegating as much as you can to this person. Still, you need to worry about a) not overwhelming them so they don’t make many mistakes and b) giving them enough tasks to justify their salaries.

This is hard.

Management is a game of resource allocation. Poor-performing teams are usually run by poor managers who don’t know how to optimize their processes and utilize their team effectively. This can sometimes lead to layoffs and the firing of good people. But how do you optimize a human resource system? Easy: you work to replace as many processes as possible with machines.

Machines, unlike humans, are always efficient. They only need to be told what to do once. They can work 24 hours instead of 8 hours. They don’t whine about extra work, or complain that they don’t get paid enough. Ideally, you should replace as many of your systems as possible with machines.

Let the machines do tedious, repetitive tasks that are prone to human error. This way, you can hire people for their creative talents and not in order to perform mindless tasks. This is intelligent and noble management. Humans should be left to think, do creative work, and ask questions. Embrace this mindset and you’ll have less turnover and higher employee satisfaction.

This is business automation.


This blog is dedicated to helping you become a more effective leader in your company and/or business. As a young man who strives to join the ranks of the greatest men in history, I’ll be joining you on this journey of personal mastery to become a noble leader myself. Still, I’m nowhere near there, and this is your story, so don’t mind me as I write and learn as much as I can from you through osmosis.

My goal is that by being a reader of this website, you’ll be exposed to ideas and methods that will help you improve as a manager or executive through relentless personal productivity, pragmatic process optimization, and efficient business automation. Hence, this blog intended for managers and executives interested in increasing their efficiency.

I look forward to coming along with you on this journey. Achieving mastery as a leader is a never-ending adventure, so enjoy the ride and don’t take things too seriously. Treat your people well, and they’ll treat you well in turn. Good luck to us both on becoming the greatest versions of ourselves.